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Plantar fasciitis gone for good!

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November saw the addition of shockwave therapy at Kernow Physio. We are the one of the first clinics in Cornwall to offer this affordable treatment. For nearly a decade I have been treating patients suffering with this dreadful condition with mixed results. Treatment techniques such as orthotics, massage, home exercises, stretching and other modalities such as ultrasound have provided mixed results. A major problem patients face is the lack of practical rest that can be achieved in our daily lives. We are all busy bodies! As a result, the condition can rarely get a break from the daily strains of life, only to be woken up following 8 hours of rest with more irritation the minute we leave our beds.

The human body is very clever in allowing this condition to hang around and become a chronic irritating background pain. Evidence shows in order to tackle plantar fasciitis, we need to make the symptoms more acute. Actually stressing the injury, and increasing blood flow, irritation the site of pain encourages our bodies to kick back in to gear and treat the pain. NICE guidelines discuss countless recent research showing the benefits of making the condition more acute for long term success. This is where shockwave therapy comes in. Shockwave actually aggravates the injury site causing mass deliverance of white blood cells, and our bodies building blocks to stimulate healing.

Shockwave can also be effective in treating other conditions such as shoulder tendinopathies, achilles tendonitis, and tennis elbow to name a few. At Kernow Physio, I have treated 7 patients in November so far for plantar fasciitis and I can safely state all 7 have become pain free. So pop in and let’s form an action plan to “step” forward!

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